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05/19/08 - Are you Gangsta Like Me? [May. 19th, 2008|09:07 pm]
Being a hardcore gangster thug and owning your own business can be a very difficult combination. When I'm not patrolling the streets protecting my "hood" I'm clipping coupons and looking for deals to cut down my expenses to increase my profit margin.

I recently purchased 30 reams of 100% pure white 20lb paper and some really potent 9x12x clasp envelopes for a very low "it fell off the truck" price and I'm very proud of myself cause that's how I roll.

With increasing gas and shipping prices it's truly hard to keep it real but it's the little victories like this that make me believe that we can rise above it.

Check out some of my ebay auctions if you want to help a homie out :)

I've also been trying to budget my eating expenses as lame as humanly possible so I can save up for a house.

These are $1 and will last me... well... till I puke. So, ladies, all this can be yours!

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04/30/08 - Load Sixteen Tons, whadaya get? (Video of me Screen Printing) [Apr. 30th, 2008|11:50 am]
After a hard days work breaking rocks and printing shirts I gave myself the day off. I also taped myself working so I could watch it later to improve my efficiency.

I hope everyone has a productive day :)

Oh, you can see my other videos here:

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04/27/08 - Monday is going to be different [Apr. 27th, 2008|05:08 pm]

The NFL draft was on yesterday and I thought to myself, "Hey, if I was only 7 inches taller, took better care of myself, and not Asian I could have totally gone pro!" Curse you blasted Homer-esque genes!

D'oh Nuts!!!

I decided, like I do every Monday, to change my life by getting into shape and eating better. This last till about Tuesday which is when I usually have an intense craving for ice cream.

The Perfect Pushup

I bought myself The Perfect Push up at Walmart for $20 and have been starting to use it recently. It would work if I didn't constantly ruin the results by eating The Perfect Bucket of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

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04/22/08 - The Recovering Agoraphobic [Apr. 22nd, 2008|11:08 am]

Mark Lim - It's hard to explain my fear of leaving the house. I think it's a combination of:

1) What if I see someone from high school and they think I look fat
2) What if I become a loser because I didn't work today
3) What if I get arrested and be forced to wear a tacky orange jumpsuit

The only way I was able to overcome my fear of leaving the house was to replace it with another fear: The Fear of Being Old and Regretting My Life.

Carrying my camera around everywhere saved me from being an old cat lady. People always ask me to join them in adventures but I would always turn them down. Now that I have my camera I tell myself, "Hey! This might make a great blog." Then I put some pants on and go.

This week's adventure consisted of a tailgate at Angel's Stadium on Saturday and the Long Beach Grand Prix on Sunday.

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04/17/08 - Adventures in Newport [Apr. 17th, 2008|06:13 pm]

My friend Misa was in Orange County for a photo shoot today so I took the day off to have lunch with her in Newport Beach. She sells my shirts on her website so technically this was a business lunch and I can write it off on my stupid stupid taxes next year. On top of her international modeling gigs she owns an awesome handmade jewelry company. Her work is really cool so go check out her site at :)

Check out how extremely large my head is compared to hers. That's just freakish.

We find this really awesome seafood place called Joe's Crab Shack near her photo shoot and decide to eat there.

She orders the barbecue King Crab Legs which has to be the messiest meal there and I think this is hilarious because she has to take pictures for a magazine in 45 minutes and I'm almost certain she's going to get crab in her hair... which happened and was really really funny. Sorry, Misa. :)

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